A New Playlist Platform for Bandcamp

Introducing BNDCMPR

I was introduced to a new platform for making playlists on Bandcamp. An independently-created web site enables you to build playlists of Bandcamp tracks by pasting URL’s into the site’s interface.

I find this significant as a way to help cross-promote music with fellow artists. I imagine the benefits of combining followings and introducing your fans to music they might like. A supportive community can grow as people discover music that may excite them, thanks to thoughtful curation from among the millions of songs to choose from.

Here’s my playlist of compelling artists I’ve encountered on TikTok, who do a great job telling their story of their artistic journey while also making exceptional music on their own.

And here’s a playlist I created from my local Montclair, NJ USA music scene.

Make Your Own Bandcamp Playlists on BNDCMPR

Want to make your own Bandcamp playlist? Hop on over to bndcmpr.co and start making and sharing your own Bandcamp playlists..

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