Press - Jason Didner

Montclair-based singer-songwriter Jason Didner becomes your cool friend quite quickly as he reveals his personal experiences through lyric and melody and (sometimes humorously) cements his likeness to you and I.” - Sean Manuel, interview about 'Side Effects' album

Themes of connection, learning, growth, and love permeate the lyrics and melodies. The listener hears stories unfold that are marked by difficulty yet faced with resilience, love and humor. ” - Veronica

Plan for Mental Wellness Blog on "Side Effects" album

For those who are just beginning to understand the importance of mental health, Jason’s music will inspire a sense of curiosity to learn more about the many ways to construct a mentally healthy life.” - Veronica

Plan for Mental Wellness Blog on "Salt and Sand" album

Jason Didner's latest single, "When The Time Came", is a beautiful song about growing, changing, leaving the past behind, and finding some peace and happiness. Something we all aspire to!” - Lazlo

New Jersey Stage

Traffic in Jersey is a nightmare, but it’s a shared nightmare — that never ends. Musical funnyman Jason Didner originally dropped “You Can't Get There from Here in Jersey,” 20 years ago but it came forth again this year with a new lyric video.” - Chris Jordan

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