New song "Disinformation Overload" - short video

It's really been bothering me that cyber spies from opposing countries were so easily able to use social media against us - to gin up divisions among Americans with disinformation.  

So I wrote this song to not only express my frustration but also to urge mindfulness of the information we consume. Do we believe the headlines that pop in our social feeds? Or do we check out claims with reputable news outlets that actually follow journalistic methods? 

This has a more grungy, alternative sound to it than I usually go for - but it's no imitation of a 90s Seattle band. It's filtered through my melodic sensibilities. 

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Disinformation Overload

© 2023, Lyrics and Music by Jason Didner

Lyrics of the 1st verse and chorus, as shown in the video: 

Cyber spies recognized our weakness
They saw we were exposed
We left our front door open
While our minds were tightly closed

They simply used our anger
At those who disagree
To divide and conquer
Preying on our vanity

We were glued to our phones
So they flooded the zone

Disinformation overload
Disinformation overload
The truth got tossed by the side of the road
Disinformation overload

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