My Songs are Finding their Way on Spotify

Since 1999 I've posted music online in hopes that listeners like you would discover it and relate to the song's message and intent. Back then there was

Flash forward 24 years and Spotify is the go-to place to have…

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New song "Disinformation Overload" - short video

It's really been bothering me that cyber spies from opposing countries were so easily able to use social media against us - to gin up divisions among Americans with disinformation.  

So I wrote this song to not only express my…

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A New Dimension to my Performance: Looping

I've just added a new dimension to my live music performance - something I figured I'd get around to someday, but my upcoming show Saturday gave me a really good reason to make it happen now. 

I've been rehearsing for…

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Finding my Singing Voice by Controlling Acid Reflux

When you learn to listen to your body, many things in life get better. I've gotten several benefits from recognizing when my stomach is about full. One of them is in rehearsing, recording and performing with my singing voice. 


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My Unconventional Path to the Microphone

Sure, I could carry a tune as long as I can remember. But my real passion was always for my instruments, not vocals. 

At age 10, it was trumpet and piano. By 12 I was fascinated with my friend's synthesizer…

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A kidney donor and a recipient co-wrote a new song

That kidney donor would be me. The recipient, Catherine Wacha, brings the perspective of someone who was previously on dialysis from the time her case of lupus attacked her kidneys until her life-changing transplant freed her. Catherine also benefitted directly…

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What Grammy-winner Bonnie Raitt and I have in common

Bonnie Raitt just won "Song of the Year" with a song about Transplant. I've got a few of those... 

Blues/country singer/guitarist Bonnie Raitt has captured the coveted "Song of the Year" Grammy with an incredibly moving song "Just Like That"…

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