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2024 Features:

My Handle is Johnathan Blade Podcast
Interview with Thandie Woodard about “Digital Carnival” album.

BlowUpRadio interview about “Digital Carnival”
with Thommy Delaney

The Threadheads Podcast
Interview with ZeNewie

New & Notable NJ Music includes “Digital Carnival” album
- BlowUpRadio/New Jersey Stage

“Too Many Tabs Open” is Makin Waves Song of the Week
- New Jersey Stage

Off the Hook Podcast (originally aired on WBAI-FM New York)
The hosts play “Disinformation Overload” as the outro of the April 17 episode.

Video Interview: The Playlist Project (Episode 17)
- Celia Werner Productions 

The Mixtape #5 by We Distribute
“Salt and Sand” is included in this edition.

- Sean Tilley

Jason Didner's “Too Many Tabs Open”: A Musical Mirror to the Overloaded Digital Era
- Stefani M.C. Janelli, The Mic

Reaction video to PAAA
- Andy Aster, Indie is In 

PAAA included in “Visual Sound: Issue 24” roundup
- Mike Greenblatt, The Jersey Sound

“Digital Carnival” is Makin Waves Song of the Week
- New Jersey Stage

Rockin' Rich Lynch Interviews me.
Plus, I review his latest track.

New Music by Jason Didner: ”Digital Carnival"
- Veronica, Plan for Mental Wellness

The Melting Pat Podcast, Episode 465. 
Pat leads a discussion of toxic comment sections and debuts my yet-to-be-released track, “Cyber Troll.”

2023 Features:

Just Some Mustard interviews me.



On “Digital Carnival” album

Through his humor with everyday observations, his new album certainly is a roller coaster of a good time! ” - Thommy Delaney


Just got the new album, and…just WOW! This is a great piece of work... Lyrically focused and witty, with a consistent theme running throughout. And damn, your playing is really impressive on the whole album—some serious shredding on the 6-string. ” - Bob Cannon

Bob Cannon Music

Having listened to the album, I've got to say: it's really good! Jason draws you in with fun riffs, pretty melodies, and witty lyrics; then you notice the social commentary, that goes to the heart of our always-connected world, without getting preachy. Highly recommended! ” - florgoth, BlueSky user
One could say, and several songs attest to, dealing with the online world is a tightrope for mental health & self care. Jason confronts this with his usual witty & poignant songs that traverse the rock spectrum from singer-songwriter, classic rock, 80's metal, and even some funk/reggae.” - Lazlo

BlowUpRadio/New Jersey Stage - New and Notable

Multi-instrumentalists, such as Xavier Rudd, Garth Hudson and Stevie Wonder, fascinate me. So does Jason Didner, who showcases his multi-hyphenated talent in the new video for his funny but meaningful song, "Too Many Tabs Open,” the Makin Waves Song of the Week.” - Bob Makin

Makin Waves

All in all, a very good concept album, excellent work! ” - Mike Random

Even Eden

I think this album is a winner and is going to be quite the hit and anyone who hears this will absolutely love it!!” - Steve from New Mexico