Video, Pictures and Stories from The Fine Grind 09.09.23

Thanks to all who braved the elements to join us at The Fine Grind last night! We had a great time! 

Special thanks to Amy and Nicole for capturing video; I was able to edit your footage together for multiple camera angles, like in this duet with Leslie Masuzzo on “A Moment of Loving Kindness.” 

It was great to have Lightning Leah join me on percussion for my second set, representing our band Jason Didner and the Drive. Amazing Amelia was stuck in Brooklyn as a result of a flooded-out subway system. New York might as well have been across the ocean rather than across the river the way the weather worked out. 

Here's Leah with me on a spirited version of “You Can't Get There from Here in Jersey!” 

A special highlight for me was debuting two new originals: “Disinformation Overload” in the solo portion of my show and “Too Many Tabs Open” when Leah joined me onstage. I loved the spirited call-and-response with the audience at the end of “Too Many Tabs Open.” 

The Fine Grind has an interesting new addition: a robot server bringing our food and drinks to the tables. Definitely a conversation piece! Leah snapped this photo during my solo portion of the evening. 

Hilariously, my friend Lazlo at BlowUpRadio virtually hacked this robot to put him in service of my efforts to entertain. 

As always, thanks for taking the time to check out my blog posts and my web site. Use the comments below to be part of the conversation. Were you there? Add your story to the mix! 

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