New Single "Digital Carnival" slated for February Release

My first single “Digital Carnival” - the title track of my upcoming album - is scheduled for release on Friday, February 2. It's an energetic rock anthem beckoning like a carnival barker for you to “step right up!” 

Lyric meme for Jason Didner's upcoming rock single I wrote this song as an overture to the full album, introducing themes related to life online - insecurity, expectations of success and popularity, envy and FOMO (fear of missing out), political arguments  and who really benefits from your online activity. 

As an independent music artist who relies on social media for the promotion of my music, I've sure lived the experience of announcing new music online with hopes people will listen and share, and getting results that can make me question why I ever release anything. Of course, time and deeper thinking usually bring me back around to get back on the roller coaster when I bring my next creation into being. 

The full album will be available for pre-order on Bandcamp starting that day, which is also the first Bandcamp Friday of the year. On Bandcamp Friday, this online store waives its commission so artists get more support from their fans. 

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