A New Playlist Platform for Bandcamp

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Introducing BNDCMPR

I was introduced to a new platform for making playlists on Bandcamp. An independently-created web site enables you to build playlists of Bandcamp tracks by pasting URL’s into the site’s interface.

I find this significant as a way to help cross-promote music with fellow artists. I imagine the benefits of combining followings and introducing your fans to music they might like. A supportive community can grow as people discover music that may excite them, thanks to thoughtful curation from among the millions of songs to choose from.

Here’s my playlist of compelling artists I’ve encountered on TikTok, who do a great job telling their story of their artistic journey while also making exceptional music on their own.

And here’s a playlist I created from my local Montclair, NJ USA music scene.

Make Your Own Bandcamp Playlists on BNDCMPR

Want to make your own Bandcamp playlist? Hop on over to bndcmpr.co and start making and sharing your own Bandcamp playlists..

I’m now on the Mastodon Social Media Network

Jason Didner and his Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 electric guitar

Let’s connect!

Mastodon is an open-source microblogging network of social media platforms. It does not have an algorithm that favors inflammatory content over more benign offerings. It leads to quality conversation, not obsession over trending. Feel like part of a community instead of shouting into the void.

I’m connecting with friends old and new there, and I’d like for you to join in!

Find me at mstdn.social/@jasondidner.

Coming Dec 2: New single “When the Time Came”

When the Time Came by Jason Didner. Get an exclusive link to the track prior to December 2 release.

Let me e-mail you the secret link now!

A new song is on the way out: “When the Time Came.” I co-wrote this song with my mom as a sequel to my 2003 track “It’s About Time.” These songs are both about conflict resolution, a topic near and dear to my heart. It’s got a decidedly adult contemporary vibe to it, reminiscent of The Eagles. This will be a track on my upcoming album “Side Effects,” due out early next year.

Here’s a 1-minute performance of the new song, via Instagram.

I can email you the official lyric video of the single, which will launch on Friday, December 2. Just sign up below and I’ll send you the secret link so you can view it today! This is an exclusive for my email subscribers.

Do you listen to music on Spotify? You can presave the track now so it will appear in your Spotify feed on release day.

A Single Release Concert Online

On Friday, December 2, the same day I release the single to Bandcamp and all streaming services, I will give an online concert at 7:30 PM Eastern-US on Live Streamer Cafe, as well as YouTube, Facebook Live and Twitch.

Join me for a live performance of this new song and your requests!

New Album “Side Effects” Scheduled for Feb. 3 Release

Almost a year to the day after the release of “Salt and Sand: Rock Songs to Heal the Mind,” my new rock album “Side Effects” will launch on Bandcamp and all streaming services on February 3, 2023.

Coming February 2023: Side Effects, a  new album by Jason Didner

It will contain my five already-released singles from over the past year:

  • This Man’s Eyes
  • Patient Portal
  • Side Effects
  • Molasses Blues
  • Another Plot Twist

…plus “Two Places at Once,” which made its debut on a Banding Together compilation for BlowUpRadio.com. Banding Together is an annual fundraiser for the Spondylitis Association of America.

On this album I sing all the vocal parts and play all the instrumental parts. You’ll hear sounds influenced by Van Halen, The Who, Ozzy Osbourne, Elvis Costello, U2, Bon Jovi, BB King, No Doubt and Eagles.

To keep informed on the new album, enter your email address below.

The subject matter of the lyrics will split the difference between funny and earnest. Here’s my official video for “Patient Portal,” which will appear on the album.

Jason Didner’s single, “Patient Portal” will be included on the album “Side Effects.”

“Another Plot Twist” – New Single and Lyric Video

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my latest single, a hard rocker called “Another Plot Twist.” Musically it takes its cues from Van Halen, The Who and Ozzy Osbourne. Lyrically, my wife Amy and I drew upon lessons from the Zen Thinking Podcast. We had learned to embrace the unforeseen as a “plot twist,” an adventure rather than a catastrophe.

Lyric video now on YouTube

Here’s the new lyric video. Hold onto your hat!

Single Available on Bandcamp

Just in time for #BandcampFriday, here’s the track on Bandcamp, where you can support your favorite artists and enjoy the convenience of streaming or downloads.

Track is Out on Streaming Platforms

Add “Another Plot Twist” to your favorite playlists on…


Another Plot Twist
Lyrics by Jason Didner and Amy Didner
Music by Jason Didner (c) 2022, All Rights Reserved

To hell and back on a roller coaster
In and out the revolving door
Up and down faster than a yo-yo
And then falling off the floor

If they tried to make a movie
Hollywood would not believe
Anyone could really have
Such a story up their sleeve

This is what we're dealing with
This is our real lives

Here comes another plot twist
Keeping us on our toes
Just when we thought we knew
How the story goes

Here comes another plot twist
Rocking us back on our heels
Just when we thought we knew
How we were gonna feel

No way any more could happen
We had our hands quite full
Then we felt a new change coming
The rug was getting pulled

In the hurricane of chaos
We found some inner peace
Angels in our souls to save us
And grant us some release

This is what we're rolling with
This is our real lives

Here comes another plot twist
Keeping us on our toes
Just when we thought we knew
How the story goes

Here comes another plot twist
Rocking us back on our heels
Just when we thought we knew
How we were gonna feel

Tell me how can this be real?


Lyrics by Jason Didner & Amy Didner
Music by Jason Didner

Jason Didner – vocals, electric guitar, bass, drums

Produced, recorded and mixed by Jason Didner

(c) 2022, All Rights Reserved

Another Plot Twist - single by Jason Didner

Coming 11.04.22 – New Single: “Another Plot Twist”

Another Plot Twist - a hard rock single inspired by Van Halen, The Who, Ozzy Osbourne. By Jason Didner. Available everywhere Friday, 11.04

I’ve prepared a hard rocking new single for release tomorrow morning, November 4, 2022. This one’s called “Another Plot Twist.”

Story behind the Song

I got the seeds of inspiration for this one years ago while listening to the Zen Thinking Podcast by Brian Thompson. In one episode, Brian taught resilience through a sense of fun and adventure. He encouraged his listeners to call out “Plot twist!” if the unexpected should arise in real life so we don’t catastrophize it. Perhaps instead we can rise to the challenge in an engaged way.

I recently thought about writing a song centered on a “plot twist,” so I shared the idea with my wife Amy. She had heard that podcast episode with me. We often referred back to it when dealing with the unforeseen. So she fed me the hook, “Here comes another plot twist.”

As soon as I heard that line, I could hear the crunch, hard rock guitar in my head, supporting the vocal. I heard influences of Van Halen, The Who and Ozzy Osbourne coming together. Then I dialed up the overdrive on my amp, tuned the low E guitar string down to a D and went to work!

Where to Find the Single

Tomorrow you’ll see a thrilling new lyric video on YouTube (hold onto your hats, folks!)

It’ll be Bandcamp Friday, a day once a month where the very artist-supportive platform gives us an extra boost by waiving its portion of proceeds. Bandcamp is the preferred platform to support an independent artist while also enjoying the convenience of streaming.

And the track will make its way to Apple Music, Spotify and wherever else you stream your music. You can pre-save Another Plot Twist in Spotify right now so it’s delivered to you in the app on release.

You’ll also be able to make your own TikTok and Instagram videos with this song as your soundtrack. Use the hashtag #AnotherPlotTwist so I can find your video!

TikTok Artists Curated by Jason Didner – a Spotify Playlist

Jason Didner making TikTok videos of cover and original songs.

Artists Whose Music and Stories I Find Compelling

Here is a playlist of independent artists I found on TikTok.

I created it because we operate in an age of high quality bedroom recordings. We have access to the same markets as major-label hitmakers. Combined, we release nearly 100 thousand songs a month on Spotify! We share our music one minute and our story at a time on TikTok.

So how do you, dear listener, even begin to sort through all that? You can start by pressing play right here! I’ve assembled for you several of the artists I’ve found in my travels on TikTok – singers and songwriters who found compelling ways to share their songs and stories in this medium. Some have even taken the time to sing duets with me or have put “Duet This” tracks that I chose to add my voice or instruments to.

This playlist has given my mood a boost while at work and while driving. It contains covers and originals. It’s got rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, and singer/songwriter. As I connect with artists of more genres, they will find their way to this playlist.

If you go on TikTok, feel free to recommend artists who you find fascinating.

TikTok Duets Create Deep Musical Connections

Here are some duets I’ve performed with artists from this playlist:

An X’s and Arrows original: Don’t Leave Me Hanging

I loved Courtney’s clip and chose to add harmonies and a shaker for some rhythm.

@jasondidner #duet with @xsandarrows #musiciantok #Inverted ♬ original sound – Xs & ARROWs

Check out southern California based X’s and Arrows’ heartfelt music starting with their official web site.

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown – a rock/blues jam duet

Tyler opened up spaces to add lead instrument parts between his licks. So I took him up on this and added a little shredding of my own. What a fun way to keep up on my lead guitar playing! Check out his track in the playlist as well!

@jasondidner #duet with @tbshakedown #Duet #Inverted ♬ original sound – TBSHAKEDOWN

This exciting touring band can be found at their official web site. Check their live dates to see if they’re coming to your town.

Banding Together – A BlowUpRadio Benefit for Spondylitis Association of America

This week I direct my musical efforts toward a good cause with BlowUpRadio.com. This local powerhouse of an Internet radio station hosts its annual Banding Together benefit for the Spondylitis Association of America. 

The Spondylitis Association of America pursues research and treatment to improve the lives of people affected by spondylitis, a degenerative spinal condition. 

A new benefit compilation album

Lazlo at BlowUpRadio assembled a 35-song compilation of all-new music by independent NJ artists. Here, my song’s 2nd in the order, and it’s a gem!

I’ve re-recorded my sarcastic punk tune “I’m Not the Wind beneath your Wings” featuring my favorite punk singer Alana Q from the awesome band SixToEight Mathematices. Now that I’m a full multi-instrumentalist, I re-captured this song so it’d sound much more the way I heard it in my head all these years. 

As Lazlo said about all the artists on this compilation, everyone contributed quality music. You will not find throwaway tracks or half-hearted efforts. Instead, you’ll rock out to 35 never-before-released gems contributed for a worthy cause. 

Banding Together 2022 - a 35-song compilation album by BlowUpRadio for Spondylitis Association of America
Banding Together 2022 – a 35-song compilation album by BlowUpRadio for Spondylitis Association of America

Fri, Oct. 14 – Live On-Air Performance at BlowUpRadio

Join me on Friday at 6:45 PM Eastern by tuning into BlowUpRadio.com to hear me give a 30-min performance as part of a weekend-long webathon to raise funds and awareness for SAA.

Want a reminder for the show? Sign up below and never miss an on-air, online or in-person show of mine!

Just for Fun – Make a Duet with Me on TikTok: I’m Not the Wind beneath your Wings!

Hey – want to sing a sarcastic punk tune with me? Here’s your chance!

@jasondidner Original song “I’m not the Wind beneath your Wings.” A duet track with Alana Quartuccio from Six to Eight Mathematics is coming soon to benefit #spondylitisassociationofamerica via #BlowUpRadio . I want to hear your duet version! #duetthis ♬ original sound – Jason Didner Music

Need tips on how to make a duet in TikTok? You’re in luck – I wrote this article right here on my site.

New single and video “Molasses Blues”

Molasses Blues by Jason Didner - single cover

Years before Amy (my wife and songwriting partner)’s miraculous pancreas transplant cured her nearly lifelong case of Type 1 diabetes, she had penned this gem of a blues song about what it felt like to have too much sugar when this condition made everything worse.

She wrote the lyric with the sense of humor, honesty and vulnerability that makes a great blues song. She also instinctively understood blues tropes and wielded them in an original way. Take lines like “Takes longer than scraping tar off the Devil’s shoes.”

The track is out today on Bandcamp and all streaming services.

Here’s the lyric video:

My approach to recording the music was to keep everything as raw and live as possible – minimal takes or edits; minimal sound effects, and a classic blues arrangement – a lead vocal, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, organ, drums and bass. It came out with a real Chicago blues vibe.

A fun fact about the video:

That’s my daughter Holly’s hand pouring the molasses into the bowl.

Molasses doesn’t smell as sweet as I expected it to. Holly said, “it smells like Dad if he were farting all the time.” Thanks…I think????

Molasses Blues (c) 2009, Lyrics by Amy Didner; Music by Jason Didner
No sadness fades slower
Than molasses blues
No sadness fades slower
Than molasses blues
Takes longer than scraping tar
Off the devil's shoes

Her love was sweeter 
Than a steamy, sticky honey bun
Her love was sweeter 
Than a steamy, sticky honey bun
Just one taste
And all my senses come undone

I was lulled into thinking
She would never, ever cut me off
I was lulled into thinking
She would never, ever cut me off
But her sweet intoxication 
Made my candy-coated brain go soft

Oh, doctor please help me
Kick these molasses blues
Oh, doctor please help me
Kick these molasses blues
So I just say no to cane sugar
And Equal or Splenda or Stevia or even agave syrup
Is what I choose