A Very Surprising Collaboration, 38 Years in the Making

On BandLab, my new friend K'chiro took a very old song of mine in a very new direction! Back in 1986 I composed “Stakeout” on synthesizer and performed it in my high school talent show. Recently I revisited my earlier instrumentals and gave them fresh recordings using the latest technology. I made a version in BandLab and invited other musicians to add to it what they would like. 

K'chiro added guitar, bass and drums to my layers of synth, giving the song a more blues/rock edge. And then he asked me to sing on it. This pushed me into a more flexible way of thinking. Sure it had been an instrumental for 38 years, but why couldn't we play around with giving it lyrics? It could be fun and help build my ability to write songs to prompts. 

So, I give you this new version of “Stakeout” that features my lyrics and vocals, K'chiro's multi-instrumental parts and, of course, my original synth composition in the mix.


▶️ Play the new “Stakeout” collaboration on BandLab

I hope you have as much fun listening as we did re-imagining this song from my teen years. 

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For reference, here's the official video of Stakeout prior to this collaboration. 

📰 Read my story about “Stakeout” in my previous blog post here. 



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