Commemorating 9/11 in Song

Since my teen years I've reached for music to help me through tough moments, and to process the most difficult of feelings. 

In late September of 2001 I had my first business meeting back in New York City after the terrible attack on the World Trade Center a few weeks prior. Walking from the bus terminal to the United Nations building I saw countless “MISSING” flyers, printed on home inkjet printers, the ink smudging slightly from light rainfall, adding to the feeling that the whole city was weeping, mourning those lost. On that walk I wrote this song in my head. When I got home, I worked out a guitar part for it. 

Today, 22 years later, I gave this acoustic performance for the camera at Union County, NJ's 9/11 memorial site in Echo Lake Park in Mountainside. Lyrics are superimposed over the performance. I hope you find this comforting, like you have a kindred spirit who feels the way you do. Go ahead and press play.  

The official recording first appeared on my 2003 album “American Road.” 


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