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Veronica at Plan for Mental Wellness took a thoughtful listen to my new album “Salt and Sand: Rock Songs to Heal the Mind” and wrote her candid reaction to it. She recognized the personal validation of mental health challenges in all the lyrics, but especially related to two meditative ballads: “A Different Kind of Zen” and “A Moment of Loving Kindness.”

Read Veronica’s post here.

New Official Video: Super Clean Escape Machine

Today at noon Eastern-US is the world premier of my official video for “Super Clean Escape Machine” – my first musical collaboration with my father Bob. He had the idea for a song about cycling – his chosen mode of exercise during this pandemic. He’s a real aficionado of cinematography. My dad became fascinated with the availability of stable-motion camera tech that was only available to big-budget studios until recently. This mirrors my own fascination with the widespread availability of professional recording software that has turned basements into studios and unleashed a torrent of creativity during what would otherwise be downtime.

The song extolls the many benefits of cycling, like how “It cleans my arteries and mind.” When my dad wrote this poem, he did not know I had written “Run With My Troubles,” a song that promotes running for mental health – an amazing coincidence, which further supports the case I make for exercising on my forthcoming album “Salt and Sand: Rock Songs to Heal the Mind.”


“Super Clean Escape Machine”
(c) 2021, Lyrics by Bob Didner & Jason Didner, Music by Jason Didner
Video directed and edited by Bob Didner, cycling footage by Bob Didner
Vocals, guitar, keyboard, bass and drums by Jason Didner
Music recorded and mixed by Jason Didner


Verse 1: 
I love riding on my bike
It brings me feelings that I like 
My excellent escape machine
That helps me keep our planet clean
I love the energy it brings
And clarity, it gives me wings.
My bike's a pal I animate
We roll, I chill and concentrate.
We glide down city streets and country trails
Motion casts its spell and never fails

My super clean escape machine
My super clean escape machine
I’m off the grid and on the scene
On my super clean escape machine

Verse 2:
We can go from near to far
Rolling cleaner than a car
It cleans my arteries and mind
And lets me leave my cares behind.
We squeeze through narrow passage ways.
And windy paths, on sunny  days.
We can ride by stunning sights
Or savor balmy moonlit nights
We glide down city streets and country trails
Motion casts its spell and never fails

My super clean escape machine
My super clean escape machine
I’m off the grid and on the scene   
On my super clean escape machine

Pedaling fast or coasting slow
We’re flying low - flying low


My super clean escape machine
My super clean escape machine
I’m off the grid and on the scene   
On my super clean, super clean

My super clean escape machine
My super clean escape machine
I’m off the grid and on the scene   
On my super clean escape machine

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New Lyric Video: “A Complicated Miracle”

I’m pleased to announce my new anthem “A Complicated Miracle,” which is both personal and universal – both intimate and grandiose. It tells the story of my wife’s miraculous transplants, but ones that revealed the aftermath of 46 years of diabetes once the fog of that chronic illness lifted.

The stunning landscape photos by my niece Diana Richards help the story along in brilliant fashion for this lyric video.

(c) 2021, Lyrics and music by Jason Didner

All vocals and instruments by Jason Didner: guitar, bass, keyboards, drums.

Music recorded and mixed by Jason Didner. Mastered with CloudBounce.

Video produced by Jason Didner with photos by Diana Richards.


Verse 1
We were in dire need of help
We couldn’t make it by ourselves 
So we put our faith in the brightest
And we counted on the best
As we lay down on their tables
And trusted we’d be blessed

Then we awoke
Safe and sound and somehow changed

It's a complicated miracle
That has come true
A complicated miracle
We're living through
But miracles don't come easy 
Miracles don't come free
This miracle’s been complicating you and me

Verse 2: 
Some days we spin out of control
We lose connection with our souls
And we barely sense our bodies
And we're swimming in our heads
Let's remember why we're in this
What we hoped for when we wed

From then to now
Safe and sound and somehow changed


We can take the complications
Of this ever twisting plot
Let this be our meditation
To rejoice in what we’ve got
We'll rejoice in what we’ve got


New Lyric Video for “Asking for a Friend”

See it before it’s released!

Our mental health takes constant hits when we’re in the habit of talking cruelly to ourselves. If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking “I can’t do anything right,” you know what I’m talking about. This song helps you challenge that notion. I hope it gets stuck in your head and reminds you to be kinder to yourself!

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New Album “Salt and Sand: Rock Songs to Heal the Mind” Set for Feb 4 Release

I’m pleased to announce the release of my new album “Salt and Sand: Rock Songs to Heal the Mind,” scheduled for Friday, February 4! Album artwork was expertly created by Lora Ferrie. This artist exceeded my vision for a “split screen” of the salt and sand on an icy highway eventually giving way to salt and sand on a summer beach.

Salt and Sand: Rock Songs to Heal the Mind by Jason Didner. Album cover artwork by Lora Ferrie.

Rock Songs to Heal the Mind

“Salt and Sand” is intended to spark conversation about mental health. I want you to pay closer attention to your own emotional life and those of your loved ones. The album’s tracks make up 3 chapters:

One: Seeing the Obstacles
Two: We’re on this Road Together
Three: Caring for You

Album Launch Concert Online

On the evening of February 4, I will give a streaming concert at Live Streamer Cafe. In it, I’ll perform all the songs in album order. 20% of digital album sales and tips will go to National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

You can see the album’s official videos on the Video page of this site.

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Jason Didner performs "A Complicated Miracle"

I’ve considered my kidney transplant with my wife Amy a “complicated miracle” for years. But only now has it dawned on me that it could be a song! I feel this song is one of my very best – intensely personal and universal at the same time. Get it emailed to you below!

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New Video Release: Distorted

The worst thing you can do for your depression and/or anxiety is to simply believe your distorted thinking or to argue with the distorted thoughts. Both escalate those thoughts and make you more depressed and anxious. You can’t just wish those thoughts out of existence. What you can do is learn to be mindful of those thoughts. In this song, I give examples of distorted thoughts and respond with “These thoughts are distorted.” That’s the life skill I want you to take away from this video.

If you’d like to download the song for offline listening or just support the work I’m doing, you can hop on over to the Bandcamp page for the new single:

New Video “Distorted” Coming Saturday 12/18

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Distorted, negative thoughts tend to inflame stress and mental health issues, especially if you’re just going along with them or trying to fight them. Simply recognizing the distorted thoughts for what they are is a key form of mindfulness that can restore some balance.

It is my hope that by hearing this song today, you’ll get some peace of mind.

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Tornado Relief Online Benefit Concert Saturday 12/18

We met our goal to raise $200 for World Central Kitchen! Thank you all!

This Saturday, join Martyn Lucas, co-founder of Live Streamer Cafe and a spectacular singer/keyboardist, and me for an online concert to benefit populations in the U.S. South and Midwestern regions after last weekend’s series of tornadoes.

Martyn goes on at 6:30 PM Eastern-US (5:30 Central) and then passes the baton to me at 7:30.

We chose to support the relief efforts of World Central Kitchen , which has established a reputation for providing fresh meals in areas where disaster has struck.

As always, Live Streamer Cafe concerts are free to attend. There will be a Donate to the Cause button above the chat section of the screen. Any and all donations to World Central Kitchen from our concert are tremendously appreciated at this time of need.

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