Cover Song: (Sittin’ on the) Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

I spotlight the legacy of Otis Redding for #BlackHistoryMonth with this acoustic version of his hit (Sittin’ on the) Dock of the Bay. Watch until the end for a cool musical surprise!

The laid-back vibe of the song thinly veils a deep longing for connection and belonging (as in the line “This loneliness won’t leave me alone”).

I will perform #DockOfTheBay tonight, 23-Feb on Sessions Live at 10PM Eastern-US.

This is the first song in American music history to go to #1 in the charts following the death of an artist. Otis Redding had co-written this with legendary Memphis guitarist Steve Cropper. He recorded two versions of it just days before his ill-fated final plane flight. The song was released shortly after his untimely death and shot to #1.

Other hits from Otis Redding include Try a Little Tenderness, Hard to Handle (If you’re a rock fan you may be more familiar with The Black Crowes’ version) and Mr. Pitiful.

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Cover Song Video: The Heart of the Matter by Don Henley

I chose to add this song, “The Heart of the Matter” by Don Henley to my repertoire because I felt it carries an important message and a great big melody. Here it is, from my heart to yours.

This song is originally from Don Henley’s 1989 solo album “The End of the Innocence,” 5 years before he reunited with The Eagles. Back in 1980, Henley declared the Eagles would reunite “when Hell freezes over.” Then, in 1994, the legendary band got back together and launched the wildly successful “Hell Freezes Over” tour!

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New Video: Salt and Sand

I put everything I love about the Jersey Shore sound into this one. It world premiered at Big Man’s Bash – a celebration of the life and music of Clarence Clemons, beloved member of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

 Verse 1: 
 Windshield wipers are frozen and it's hard to see 
 If there's dangerous obstacles in front of me 
 It's a slippery turnpike and the left lane's out 
 These times can test your grip on what your life's about 

 In my engine the gremlins knock my self esteem 
 As they try to drive down the value of my dreams 
 As I struggle for traction up this icy hill 
 They make me think dark thoughts but they can't break my will 

 Let's move on forward, here's to making our way 
 To the dreams we work for coming into reach 
 Salt and sand on this icy highway 
 Will be salt and sand on a summer beach 
 Salt and sand on this icy highway 
 Will be salt and sand on a summer beach 

 Verse 2: 
 I can feel your frustration as you spin your wheels 
 I'm identifying big-time with the way you feel 
 You set your plan and watch it get pushed back 
 It takes a steady hand to get you back on track 

 Yeah the heat of anger may move us along 
 But it ain't no substitute for staying strong 
 Today we won't be quickly satisfied 
 But we've got dreams of a lifetime that won't be denied 


 We can fade 
 Or we can shine 
 The way we choose to walk the line 



Lyrics and Music by Jason Didner (c) 2004, All Rights Reserved 
Vocals and all instruments: electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, alto sax and glockenspiel by Jason Didner 
Produced by Jason and Amy Didner

New Video and Single: Battle

I’m pleased to present you with my latest musical creation: “Battle.” This is the home studio video – actual footage of my recording this track, along with Fred E. Jam, keeper of F-Jam Online Collaboration Studios, who played the electronic drum kit.

The song shares my revelation about how mental health or living with a chronic physical condition doesn’t have to be a battle. It can be a humanitarian mission.

At the same time the video is released, so is the single on BandCamp. You can play the track below.

(c) 2020, Lyrics and Music by Jason Didner 
Produced by Jason Didner, Amy Didner and Fred E. Jam 
Engineered by Jason Didner 
Jason Didner – vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass 
Fred E. Jam – drums, sound design


Verse 1: 
I thought this was a battle 
The kind that’s won or lost 
Where raging at the rival 
Brings a victory worth all costs 

But the prize is alienation 
Now that seems a hollow win 
Standing lonely in the ruins 
Of the war I fought within 

Verse 2: 
I thought this was a battle 
With troops on high alert 
Couldn’t trace the friendly fire 
From the part of me that hurt 

Oh, the rage destroys your allies 
In the same flames as your foes 
Your own weapon takes you over 
No matter how it goes 

Verse 3: 
I thought this was a battle 
I could win and earn my peace 
Then I saw myself in terror 
As hostilities increased 

And the anger gave an order 
Show no mercy in this fight 
I asked myself the question 
Could this order not be right 

It can take all that you got 
To disobey an order that’s all wrong 
To take the heat for seeming weak 
That’s a different kind of strong 

When the rage calls loved ones enemies 
And declares we’re at code red 
And orders me to take them down 
I’ll lift them up instead 

Verse 4: 
I thought this was a battle 
Now I’m learning it’s much more 
It’s a mission to compassion 
For the pain down in my core 

It’s a journey toward forgiveness 
When the rage has had its say 
And the wisdom we discover 
We can’t fight these things away 
But we can live to love another day

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New Video: Because I’m Grateful-Home Studio Sessions

See me recording all the parts for my new song “Because I’m Grateful!” I let the cameras roll while recording the tracks of this new song – here’s the result!

This is my first time ever playing the drums! I was inspired by Wolfgang Van Halen (Mammoth WVH) who chose to play all the tracks on his much-anticipated upcoming debut album. So I watched the Drumeo channel on YouTube and got some pointers to start keeping a beat and playing some fills. I’ve heard drumbeats in my head all my musical life, but hadn’t really tried to physicalize it until now. It’s my “pandemic skill!”

released December 19, 2020 
Lyrics by Amy and Jason Didner, Music by Jason Didner 
Produced by Amy and Jason Didner 
Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards by Jason Didner 
Mastered with CloudBounce 
(c) 2020, All Rights Reserved

Verse 1: 
I’m grateful that I woke up this morning 
At least that’s what that TED talk said I’m supposed to say 
Still I’m sorry for myself and my brain’s all full of warnings 
I’ll try this attitude of gratitude on some other day 

But then, what if that day could come around this morning 
What could it hurt to thank a loved one or two? 
It might bring a little good to take stock of my blessings 
OK, let’s see what this gratitude thing can do 

I can feel my mood get a little bit lighter 
As my outlook grows just a little brighter 

I’m not afraid today to show what I’m made of 
I’m grateful for my love, my child and my pets 
I’m thankful for the support I have 
And the strength I’ve found within 
Because I’m grateful 
Sadness isn’t all there is 

Verse 2: 
Depression can’t have the upper hand this morning 
‘Cause I’ve got a new move that villain has never seen 
When you see what it can do, you won’t call it corny or boring 
See, I’m getting in touch with the grateful part of me 

I’m gonna do it again tomorrow morning 
‘Cause feeling better is feeling pretty sweet 
I’m letting go of the rope - Depression, here’s your warning 
I ain’t fighting today and that don’t feel like defeat 

I can feel my mood get a little bit lighter 
As my outlook grows just a little brighter 

I’m not afraid today to show what I’m made of 
I’m grateful for my love, my child and my pets 
I’m thankful for the support I have 
And the strength I’ve got within 
Because I’m grateful 
Sadness isn’t all there is

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New Home Studio Video: “Battle”

I’m proud to share with you this very important song about learning to view mental health as something other than a battle – it’s the hard-earned vision of mental health as a journey toward compassion.

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