New song “Patient Portal” – Hear it Before It’s Released!

Amy and I have sure been through lots of medical ordeals before. And now, during the pandemic, we’ve been trapped in multiple patient portals as medical practices increasingly move their patient information online . They promised efficiency and convenience, but it hasn’t always worked out that way! We know!

So we wrote a funny song containing our gripes about it.

The chorus goes:

I'm a mere mortal
Trapped forever in a patient portal
Now patient is the hardest thing to be

It’s got an infectious ska groove that’ll make you dance as you gripe along with me!

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Here’s a TikTok of the chorus in my music recording software for you to sample:

Jason Didner's new single, "Patient Portal."
Jason Didner’s new single, “Patient Portal”

Album “It’s a Jersey Thing” Released Online

It’s been a long time coming! I felt strongly like there was some unfinished business — that these songs, recorded over the course of 25+ years, needed to be on an album. When you buy this album on Bandcamp, you get to download the tracks or stream them in the Bandcamp mobile app. You also make a statement that independently-created music has value, especially when you socially share the album here!

You can listen to the tracks below and decide about purchasing this Jersey-riffic collection. All purchases (compact disc or download/streaming) comes with a downloadable PDF booklet containing lyrics and stories behind the songs. The CD purchase also comes with the download and streaming access.

“It’s a Jersey Thing” is also on all streaming services, like Apple Music and Spotify.

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And, just for kicks, here’s “You Can’t Get There from Here in Jersey” – the official video on YouTube.

You Can’t Get There from here in Jersey

Premiering today at 11:30 Eastern-US

Hey friends! Let’s share a laugh over my latest recording and video – a new version of my most popular song over the years – “You Can’t Get There from Here in Jersey!”

The official video premieres today, Tuesday 6/28 at 11:30 AM Eastern.

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P.S.: Here’s a TikTok from shooting the new official video!


A clip from my upcoming track #YouCantGetThwreFromHereInJersey on my album ItsAJerseyThing. Song first aired on NPR’s Car Talk in 2001.

♬ original sound – Jason Didner Music

Out now – new single and video: “This Man’s Eyes”

I wrote this song for my wife Amy back in ’99 when we were dating. Then I sang it at our wedding. It’s an upbeat, feel-good rock’n’roll love song. Over the years I made some demo recordings of it. But now, recording technology has come so much further, has have my multi-instrumental skills. So it seemed the right time to try again and record what I’ve heard in my head all these years. And I’m delighted with the result. I hope you will be as well!

Here’s the YouTube video:

The single is on my Bandcamp, page (embedded below), Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and wherever you listen to streaming music.

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Coming Soon: Super Clean Escape Machine

A rock song and video about the many benefits of cycling

Super Clean Escape Machine single by Jason Didner, lyrics by Bob Didner

My father Bob, a fellow cyclist, told me he wrote a poem about cycling and would like me to set it to music, and that he had a concept for a video.

The anthemic rock track features multiple layers of harmony vocals, guitars, and keyboards. There’s a slide guitar solo that give s a nod to George Harrison’s immediately recognizable style.

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Jason Didner's new, unreleased song Run With My Troubles is about how running and other forms of exercise help ease anxiety.

I’m working on a music video for my new song “Run With My Troubles.” This hard rock song carries an uplifting message about the effect of exercise on anxiety and stress. I played all the instruments on it, with special attention paid to guitar solo – a tribute to the late, great Edward Van Halen.

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To learn more about my exercise endeavors for my mental health, see my feature in Kidney Donor Athletes.

New Single: “Salt and Sand”

My most essential song about maintaining optimism in hard times is out today as we leave the chaotic year 2020 behind and look forward to a better 2021.

The video for this song is scheduled for public release as part of a special event I will announce soon.

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I wrote this song in 2004 and have included it in many of my live performances. Back then I made a few demo recordings, but now the time was right to give it a complete multi-instrumentalist treatment. I was very much thinking of “Big Man” Clarence Clemons from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band when I decided to break out the saxophone for this arrangement. I also played a metal xylophone known as a glockenspiel, giving the piano and sax part an extra sparkle on top.

Salt and Sand single by Jason Didner

This is the title track for an upcoming album dedicated to supporting your best mental health. “Salt and Sand: A Rock-n-Roll Journey to Mental Health” is due out by summer 2021.

Enjoy! And have a happy and prosperous year 2021! I look forward to sharing the new year’s abundance of well-being with you.

New Video and Single: Battle

I’m pleased to present you with my latest musical creation: “Battle.” This is the home studio video – actual footage of my recording this track, along with Fred E. Jam, keeper of F-Jam Online Collaboration Studios, who played the electronic drum kit.

The song shares my revelation about how mental health or living with a chronic physical condition doesn’t have to be a battle. It can be a humanitarian mission.

At the same time the video is released, so is the single on BandCamp. You can play the track below.

(c) 2020, Lyrics and Music by Jason Didner 
Produced by Jason Didner, Amy Didner and Fred E. Jam 
Engineered by Jason Didner 
Jason Didner – vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass 
Fred E. Jam – drums, sound design


Verse 1: 
I thought this was a battle 
The kind that’s won or lost 
Where raging at the rival 
Brings a victory worth all costs 

But the prize is alienation 
Now that seems a hollow win 
Standing lonely in the ruins 
Of the war I fought within 

Verse 2: 
I thought this was a battle 
With troops on high alert 
Couldn’t trace the friendly fire 
From the part of me that hurt 

Oh, the rage destroys your allies 
In the same flames as your foes 
Your own weapon takes you over 
No matter how it goes 

Verse 3: 
I thought this was a battle 
I could win and earn my peace 
Then I saw myself in terror 
As hostilities increased 

And the anger gave an order 
Show no mercy in this fight 
I asked myself the question 
Could this order not be right 

It can take all that you got 
To disobey an order that’s all wrong 
To take the heat for seeming weak 
That’s a different kind of strong 

When the rage calls loved ones enemies 
And declares we’re at code red 
And orders me to take them down 
I’ll lift them up instead 

Verse 4: 
I thought this was a battle 
Now I’m learning it’s much more 
It’s a mission to compassion 
For the pain down in my core 

It’s a journey toward forgiveness 
When the rage has had its say 
And the wisdom we discover 
We can’t fight these things away 
But we can live to love another day

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New Single: “Because I’m Grateful”

I’m proud to introduce my new single, “Because I’m Grateful!” This is your mantra for daily gratitude. Let this song into your heart and mind. It will give you some space from your depression or anxiety.

This is my debut playing a drum kit! All my musical life, I’ve heard drumbeats in my head, but have always handled drums by either programming drum machines or better, teaming up with my drummer friends. Wolfgang Van Halen’s new solo project Mammoth WVH inspired me to complete my multi-instrumental abilities. Interesting note: Eddie Van Halen got me to play guitar when I was 16. Now at 50, his son has gotten me to take up drums and record entire arrangements myself! Thank you Wolf!

Amy and I co-wrote the lyrics and co-produced the record. When I was a little shy about the tempo (first take was pretty slow), Amy encouraged me to pick up the pace. The result you’re hearing now is much more lively than the original.


Verse 1: 
I’m grateful that I woke up this morning 
At least that’s what that TED talk said I’m supposed to say 
Still I’m sorry for myself and my brain’s all full of warnings 
I’ll try this attitude of gratitude on some other day 

But then, what if that day could come around this morning 
What could it hurt to thank a loved one or two? 
It might bring a little good to take stock of my blessings 
OK, let’s see what this gratitude thing can do 

I can feel my mood get a little bit lighter 
As my outlook grows just a little brighter 

I’m not afraid today to show what I’m made of 
I’m grateful for my love, my child and my pets 
I’m thankful for the support I have 
And the strength I’ve found within 
Because I’m grateful 
Sadness isn’t all there is 

Verse 2: 
Depression can’t have the upper hand this morning 
‘Cause I’ve got a new move that villain has never seen 
When you see what it can do, you won’t call it corny or boring 
See, I’m getting in touch with the grateful part of me 

I’m gonna do it again tomorrow morning 
‘Cause feeling better is feeling pretty sweet 
I’m letting go of the rope - Depression, here’s your warning 
I ain’t fighting today and that don’t feel like defeat 

I can feel my mood get a little bit lighter 
As my outlook grows just a little brighter 

I’m not afraid today to show what I’m made of 
I’m grateful for my love, my child and my pets 
I’m thankful for the support I have 
And the strength I’ve got within 
Because I’m grateful 
Sadness isn’t all there is

Single: Quit While You’re Ahead

Here’s a throwback to an online collab I did in 2004 with Fred E. Jam, a great drummer and producer in Michigan who’s been highly dedicated to collaborating online. We also got Mike Mililo to lay down some killer sax riffs and Dennis Wieand to add some great texture with his Hammond organ. And of course, my wife Amy gave the song its character with her spoken parts at the beginning and end.

This song is the true story of that time I was in Atlantic City and blew all my available money for gambling within the first 15 minutes there! I was left with the rest of the day to wait and think about the quick losses while my family managed to nurse their money over the course of the day – ultimately I won, because I came up with this song!

There’s no clock in this gambling house
No window on the fading light of day
My better judgment says “Get up, get out!”
But greed is standing in the way, yeah

My lucky hands they held the winning cards
I felt the ride would never end
Who thought saying no would be so hard
When you think a win’s around the bend, yeah
So have you got a couple bucks to lend?

Green light, go for the money
Now I’m running through the red
I’ve had my run on the table
Now I’m in above my head

I was sitting pretty
But now I’m broke instead
I’m telling you I should have quit while I was ahead

My next big win is on the credit card
I’ve got to make back everything I lost
This ain’t no foolin’ now, I’m playing hard
I will break even at all costs, yeah

I was the highest roller in the place
I pushed my luck a little bit too far
I’ve got to get myself back in the race
And play the chips on one more lucky star, yeah
So how much would you pay to buy my car?


Better quit, better quit while you’re ahead
Better quit, better quit while you’re ahead
Better quit, better quit while you’re ahead
Better quit, better quit…
(spoken) Coffee, soda, juice?
Quit While You're Ahead by Jason Didner