Exclusive-Get My New Song “Run With My Troubles”

Jason Didner's new, unreleased song Run With My Troubles is about how running and other forms of exercise help ease anxiety.

I’m working on a music video for my new song “Run With My Troubles.” This hard rock song carries an uplifting message about the effect of exercise on anxiety and stress. I played all the instruments on it, with special attention paid to guitar solo – a tribute to the late, great Edward Van Halen.

I want you to hear the song before it’s released!

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To learn more about my exercise endeavors for my mental health, see my feature in Kidney Donor Athletes.

New Home Studio Video: “Battle”

I’m proud to share with you this very important song about learning to view mental health as something other than a battle – it’s the hard-earned vision of mental health as a journey toward compassion.

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