Challenging White Guy Privilege in Rock Music

Rock-n-roll is supposed to be rebellious. It's supposed to upset the powerful and scramble the default settings. 

Yet I often find myself gravitating back to establishment defaults in my selection of music in the car and to accompany my morning…

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Watch: Our Band Debut at Millburn Rocktoberfest 2023

Last week, on September 9, 2023 my band Jason Didner and the Drive played its first live set in its current incarnation. Heavy rain and thunderstorms scattered festivalgoers in the hours leading up to the show, but a die-hard core…

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Commemorating 9/11 in Song

Since my teen years I've reached for music to help me through tough moments, and to process the most difficult of feelings. 

In late September of 2001 I had my first business meeting back in New York City after the…

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New Fee Ideas for Ticketmaster

I'm glad the Biden administration is taking action on “junk fees” tacked on to services we buy, like airfare and concert tickets. Perhaps this will let Ticketmaster focus on charging fees that might encourage improvements to the experience for more…

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Six Virtues of Making Mistakes while Practicing Music

Practicing an instrument inherently means making mistakes - playing wrong notes, losing concentration, losing your place in the song or exercise. Now's a good time to look at our relationship with the errors we all make along the way. Let's…

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My Guitar Gear Gets an Update

Changes to my musical gear are often inspired by changing gig circumstances, including my mode of transportation. Over the past week this has again been the case. 

Recently I got the opportunity to assemble a band to perform at Millburn…

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Introducing Jason Didner and the Drive!

Last time I had a band perform my original songs (other than specifically for kids) was in 2012, for a handful of benefit shows. 

From 2013 until the pandemic, my musical focus was almost entirely on “Jason Didner and the…

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Introducing Easy Piano Songs by Jason Didner

Lately, I've taken to composing easy-to-play piano instrumentals that can quickly feel rewarding to master. I've published the first five of these on, a platform for composing, arranging and sharing sheet music notation. 

Whether you're a piano teacher looking…

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My Songs are Finding their Way on Spotify

Since 1999 I've posted music online in hopes that listeners like you would discover it and relate to the song's message and intent. Back then there was

Flash forward 24 years and Spotify is the go-to place to have…

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