Introducing Synth City - a Real Throwback Instrumental

…and now for something completely different - a return to my musical roots as a synthesizer enthusiast! 

I give you “Synth City!” 🎹🏙

This is an instrumental composed entirely with synthesizer patches I designed using Logic Pro X Retro Synth, analog setting (except the drums, designed with Drum Kit Designer in same app). This track has an early 80s feel. 

Around this time, when I was 12 my friend Brant showed me his Arp Omni analog synthesizer and I was hooked. I got a little Casio keyboard and later a Casio CZ-101 digital synthesizer. 

My influences for synth music with big hooks include Harold Faltermeyer (Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack), Phil Collins, Eddie Van Halen (for his synth composition on “Jump”, “I'll Wait” and later “Dreams”) and Jan Hammer (Miami Vice soundtrack). 

This brand new composition felt like a return to my roots. Look for a new series of instrumental compositions by me - in various genres, in between the songs with vocals you've come to expect. 

Video produced using Microsoft Clipchamp

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