Jason Didner:
Jersey Rock with Jersey Humor…and Heart

Montclair, NJ-based singer/songwriter Jason Didner wants to have a conversation with you, through his lyrics. That conversation can be earnest at times, like when he implores with you to keep moving forward (“Salt and Sand”) and to recognize the distortion in your negative thinking (“Distorted”, “Asking for a Friend”). The conversation can also take a humorous turn, like griping about the dreaded “Patient Portal” we must visit online before going to a doctor appointment.

Jason Didner, singer/songwriter from Montclair, NJ USA

This musician writes some of these lyrics on his own and collaborates on others, most frequently with his wife Amy. He then weaves these words in with music of wide-ranging classic rock and singer/songwriter styles. You’ll hear influences from Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, Billy Joel, Eddie Van Halen, Aimee Mann, Eagles and Bon Jovi. 

Jungle Gym Jamming

Since 2013, Jason has led another musical project: as singer and co-founder of Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam, a rock band for kids and families – an act that has taken him up and down the East coast from Massachusetts to Virginia and to such venues as The Stone Pony in Asbury Park and the Coney Island Boardwalk. 

Jason Didner at the piano

The singer/multi-instrumentalist has written songs and performed in coffeehouses, sports bars, and bookstores since 1994. Early in this artist’s singer/songwriter days he found his voice with epic, progressive rockers like “Wall of Sound” and quirky tunes with humor from his own life’s experiences like “Cubicle.”

You from Jersey? What Exit?

Most notably, Jason broke through in the winter of 2001 when his ode to Jersey driving, “You Can’t Get There from Here in Jersey” got airplay on NPR’s Car Talk program. The single also made it to the show’s “Best Of” CD. Most recently, a new re-recording of the song became a music video and the lead track to a new compilation, “It’s a Jersey Thing.” The collection centers on Jason’s style of Jersey rock with Jersey humor. Significantly, this album combines tracks from this musician’s “Jason Didner” project and his “Jungle Gym Jam” songs for families. On this record, you’ll find a consistent musical style, energy and sense of humor across both of Jason’s musical personalities.

Finding America after 9/11

When 9/11 changed America forever, Jason was moved by his pain for New York City. His very next time into the city a week later (a business meeting at the U.N.) brought the artist face-to-face with all those “Missing” flyers. He noticed the ink streaking in the misty rain. “I felt like my city was crying and he needed to feel the city’s tears mingle with my own,” said the artist. On that walk from Port Authority Bus Terminal to the U.N., he had already written the bulk of “Stand Tall, United” in his head. That song would help anchor Jason’s first commercially released full-length album American Road. That disc touched on themes of how 9/11 changed us as a people. The album was about hiding and re-emerging; resenting and forgiving, ultimately taking the high road back to brotherhood and sisterhood.

Salt and Sand: Rock Songs to Heal the Mind by Jason Didner

As Jason’s home studio skills improved, he’s found inspiration to record and release music more often. In 2022 the artist launched two albums “Salt and Sand: Rock Songs to Heal the Mind” and “It’s a Jersey Thing.” He currently releases a single each month on the way to the launch of a new collection in early 2023.


Mobile: (201) 838-1205


Montclair, NJ USA