TikTok Artists Curated by Jason Didner – a Spotify Playlist

Artists Whose Music and Stories I Find Compelling

Here is a playlist of independent artists I found on TikTok.

I created it because we operate in an age of high quality bedroom recordings. We have access to the same markets as major-label hitmakers. Combined, we release nearly 100 thousand songs a month on Spotify! We share our music one minute and our story at a time on TikTok.

So how do you, dear listener, even begin to sort through all that? You can start by pressing play right here! I’ve assembled for you several of the artists I’ve found in my travels on TikTok – singers and songwriters who found compelling ways to share their songs and stories in this medium. Some have even taken the time to sing duets with me or have put “Duet This” tracks that I chose to add my voice or instruments to.

This playlist has given my mood a boost while at work and while driving. It contains covers and originals. It’s got rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, and singer/songwriter. As I connect with artists of more genres, they will find their way to this playlist.

If you go on TikTok, feel free to recommend artists who you find fascinating.

TikTok Duets Create Deep Musical Connections

Here are some duets I’ve performed with artists from this playlist:

An X’s and Arrows original: Don’t Leave Me Hanging

I loved Courtney’s clip and chose to add harmonies and a shaker for some rhythm.

@jasondidner #duet with @xsandarrows #musiciantok #Inverted ♬ original sound – Xs & ARROWs

Check out southern California based X’s and Arrows’ heartfelt music starting with their official web site.

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown – a rock/blues jam duet

Tyler opened up spaces to add lead instrument parts between his licks. So I took him up on this and added a little shredding of my own. What a fun way to keep up on my lead guitar playing! Check out his track in the playlist as well!

@jasondidner #duet with @tbshakedown #Duet #Inverted ♬ original sound – TBSHAKEDOWN

This exciting touring band can be found at their official web site. Check their live dates to see if they’re coming to your town.