Coming 11.04.22 – New Single: “Another Plot Twist”

Another Plot Twist - a hard rock single inspired by Van Halen, The Who, Ozzy Osbourne. By Jason Didner. Available everywhere Friday, 11.04

I’ve prepared a hard rocking new single for release tomorrow morning, November 4, 2022. This one’s called “Another Plot Twist.”

Story behind the Song

I got the seeds of inspiration for this one years ago while listening to the Zen Thinking Podcast by Brian Thompson. In one episode, Brian taught resilience through a sense of fun and adventure. He encouraged his listeners to call out “Plot twist!” if the unexpected should arise in real life so we don’t catastrophize it. Perhaps instead we can rise to the challenge in an engaged way.

I recently thought about writing a song centered on a “plot twist,” so I shared the idea with my wife Amy. She had heard that podcast episode with me. We often referred back to it when dealing with the unforeseen. So she fed me the hook, “Here comes another plot twist.”

As soon as I heard that line, I could hear the crunch, hard rock guitar in my head, supporting the vocal. I heard influences of Van Halen, The Who and Ozzy Osbourne coming together. Then I dialed up the overdrive on my amp, tuned the low E guitar string down to a D and went to work!

Where to Find the Single

Tomorrow you’ll see a thrilling new lyric video on YouTube (hold onto your hats, folks!)

It’ll be Bandcamp Friday, a day once a month where the very artist-supportive platform gives us an extra boost by waiving its portion of proceeds. Bandcamp is the preferred platform to support an independent artist while also enjoying the convenience of streaming.

And the track will make its way to Apple Music, Spotify and wherever else you stream your music. You can pre-save Another Plot Twist in Spotify right now so it’s delivered to you in the app on release.

You’ll also be able to make your own TikTok and Instagram videos with this song as your soundtrack. Use the hashtag #AnotherPlotTwist so I can find your video!