New Lyric Video: “A Complicated Miracle”

I’m pleased to announce my new anthem “A Complicated Miracle,” which is both personal and universal – both intimate and grandiose. It tells the story of my wife’s miraculous transplants, but ones that revealed the aftermath of 46 years of diabetes once the fog of that chronic illness lifted.

The stunning landscape photos by my niece Diana Richards help the story along in brilliant fashion for this lyric video.

(c) 2021, Lyrics and music by Jason Didner

All vocals and instruments by Jason Didner: guitar, bass, keyboards, drums.

Music recorded and mixed by Jason Didner. Mastered with CloudBounce.

Video produced by Jason Didner with photos by Diana Richards.


Verse 1
We were in dire need of help
We couldn’t make it by ourselves 
So we put our faith in the brightest
And we counted on the best
As we lay down on their tables
And trusted we’d be blessed

Then we awoke
Safe and sound and somehow changed

It's a complicated miracle
That has come true
A complicated miracle
We're living through
But miracles don't come easy 
Miracles don't come free
This miracle’s been complicating you and me

Verse 2: 
Some days we spin out of control
We lose connection with our souls
And we barely sense our bodies
And we're swimming in our heads
Let's remember why we're in this
What we hoped for when we wed

From then to now
Safe and sound and somehow changed


We can take the complications
Of this ever twisting plot
Let this be our meditation
To rejoice in what we’ve got
We'll rejoice in what we’ve got