A Note of Gratitude from the Didners

Happy Thanksgiving! Today seems like the right day to share our gratitudes. This a powerful tool for mindfulness and well being. And you deserve our thanks! So read on…

Autumn leaves on Thanksgiving Day 2021

“I’m thankful for my family – immediate and extended – and friends.” – Amy

“I’m thankful for the help I’ve had in growing my mindfulness, leading me to better appreciate family, friends, music, exercise, work and community.” – Jason

“I’m grateful for the help I’ve gotten with my physical and emotional well-being.” – Amy

“I’m grateful that my family has remained safe during the pandemic thus far. I do not take it lightly that so many other families have been deeply affected by loss arising from this dangerous time.” – Jason

Singing My Gratitude

Here’s the official video for my song “Because I’m Grateful.” Play this track and let these gratitudes soak into your mind. You’ll be doing gratitudes every time you listen or remember the chorus.

I’m especially thankful for you, my audience. I love making music and listening back to what I’ve created – but I really love sharing my expression with you.

What are you grateful for? Please comment below.