New Video: Salt and Sand

I put everything I love about the Jersey Shore sound into this one. It world premiered at Big Man’s Bash – a celebration of the life and music of Clarence Clemons, beloved member of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

 Verse 1: 
 Windshield wipers are frozen and it's hard to see 
 If there's dangerous obstacles in front of me 
 It's a slippery turnpike and the left lane's out 
 These times can test your grip on what your life's about 

 In my engine the gremlins knock my self esteem 
 As they try to drive down the value of my dreams 
 As I struggle for traction up this icy hill 
 They make me think dark thoughts but they can't break my will 

 Let's move on forward, here's to making our way 
 To the dreams we work for coming into reach 
 Salt and sand on this icy highway 
 Will be salt and sand on a summer beach 
 Salt and sand on this icy highway 
 Will be salt and sand on a summer beach 

 Verse 2: 
 I can feel your frustration as you spin your wheels 
 I'm identifying big-time with the way you feel 
 You set your plan and watch it get pushed back 
 It takes a steady hand to get you back on track 

 Yeah the heat of anger may move us along 
 But it ain't no substitute for staying strong 
 Today we won't be quickly satisfied 
 But we've got dreams of a lifetime that won't be denied 


 We can fade 
 Or we can shine 
 The way we choose to walk the line 



Lyrics and Music by Jason Didner (c) 2004, All Rights ReservedĀ 
Vocals and all instruments: electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, alto sax and glockenspiel by Jason DidnerĀ 
Produced by Jason and Amy Didner

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